What are your hours?
Our current hours are:
Monday-Thursday 12-4
Friday- Sunday 12-6

What days do you take-in consignment?
Currently we are accepting consignment EVERYDAY!

What kind of clothes/pieces do you accept?
We accept well taken care of clothing, purses, bags, belts, and shoes! We accept most brands, lower quality brands subject to approval. We take time to curate the clothes that hit the floor, that being said we will delicately go through the clothing you drop off and kindly ask you to come pick up the items that we do not take. The items evaluation will be at the discretion of the owners.

What kind of percentage will I get for consignment?
You will receive 40% of the profit that we sell the clothing item for. Most items we take in will go 50% off after 30 days of sitting in the store. This is decided at owner’s discretion.

Does everything go 50% off after 30 days?
No, local artisans art, jewelry, leather, pottery do not go 50%. Some clothing items will not reduce either. That is at the discretion of the owners. Please inquire in store if you have any more questions.

How long will my clothes stay in the store?
You clothes will be on consignment for 60 days. We will email you one week before your 60 days is up for you to either come in and pick up your clothes, OR you can let us know you’d like to donate them and we will do so for you.

Where do my clothes go if i decide to donate them?
Your clothes will go directly to either Bridges For Women; a woman’s transition house located in Langford  or any other local donation center that demonstrates the same values.

Do I have to come into the store to check on my account or get my payout?
You can check your account activity and your payout balance online actually! Just use your last name and user ID to log on to you account with myresaleweb.com. You will receive you user ID once we have inputted your items into our system. You do however, have to come into the store to receive your cash or e-transfer payout. Payouts will only be made in-person for security reasons.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, debit, cash or e-transfer as payment.