The ins and outs of consigning with Upcycle

We LOVE consignment. It’s a great way for you to get some money for your quality clothing and a great avenue to reduce waste along the way! We do men’s, women’s  AND vintage consignment items.

With us, you receive 40% of the sale price from the item. Most of the clothing we take in will go on sale at 50% after it has been sitting in store for 30 days. This is decided at the owner’s discretion upon receiving your items. The items will stay in store for a total of 60 days and you will have 1 week prior to come pick up the clothing that has not sold or we will donate it for you.

We accept women’s and men’s clothing for consignment as well as purses, shoes, and belts. Lower quality brands will considered for approval. We take pride in our beautifully curated space that we are sharing with you, therefore we take-in all the best items you drop off. We delicately go through the clothing and pick out items that fit the space, the remaining items are returned or donated.

We do in person cash or e-transfer payouts at your convivence! We do in person payouts for security reasons. You can however, check your account credit from home. Check your account credit and activity at Input your last name and user ID, and you’re all set! You will receive you user ID once we have inputted your items into the system.

We are currently accepting consignment everyday! So come down anytime we are open to drop your stuff off and say hello! We’d love to meet you.

Thank you for inquiring about consignment, and thank you for waving your flag for a more sustainable future. Let’s make a difference; together!